New pool, but it is mounted to a different path than others

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I added a couple pools after I get 6.9.0. They mapped to /mnt/user/Plex Media server and /mnt/user/nzbget and all is good.

I added a new pool today, can't remember if it was before or after 6.9.1, called uhd, but it mapped to /mnt/uhd and everything I put on it is getting added to /mnt/user. Also shows up on /mnt/uhd, but if I delete from /mnt/usr, it's also gone from /mnt/uhd

Not sure if a bug, or I screwed something up? diagnostics attached.


/media here is mapped to /mnt


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added pic; chang /media to /mnt
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1 hour ago, dbinott said:

ok, I think I get it. Just not sure why my last pool was not created like the others, but I will figure that out. thanks.

it would have been created the same way (probably with a name of ‘cache’).    That means the physical path is ‘mnt/cache’ which is equivalent to the ‘mnt/uhd’ physical path for the new pool.   Both pools are part of the User Shares which appear at /mnt/user/share-name where ‘share-name’ will correspond to a,top-level,folder on the appropriate physical drives/pool.   It is important to realise that User Shares are just a logical view so it is normal for the same file to appear both under its share name and under its physical location.

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