unable to access unraid gui

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So i was working through @SpaceInvaderOne's video tutorial on Docker install of Shinobi pro

Got to the stage of adding the cctv system that works on its own static ip as a network in the unraid network settings. BIG MISTAKE!! cause that killed my access to the unraid GUI?


No i really have no idea. People are likely going to reply post diagnostics.. I don't know how to do that without access to the terminal. (any instructions here would be helpful). Linux terminal on the display attached to the server never lets me log in using the root credentials i use for the GUI so not much help there.


I have port scanned the servers static ip to see if its moved to another port (the one i specified) The same for the network address i was trying to add. No joy there so far. Any advice. guidance as to how to regain access to the Gui

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Perhaps you can disable docker? This would allow you to either adjust your unRaid network settings so they don't conflict, or delete the docker image (and force a reinstall) which will give you a window to reconfigure or remove Shinobi.


There's a thread here that has info on how someone else did this (for a different reason;




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Thanks for the response, the docker engine was actually stopped already as well as vm manager per the guide. I did manage to overcome this and regain access by shutting down the server. removing the flash drive and finding the network.cfg file and playing with that. Eventually i downloaded the Unraid 6.9.1 package and restored the default editing the ip address for the server as defined by the network. This gave me access again to the GUI.

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