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58 minutes ago, RichardU said:

App store has a link to the Support thread which goes to a general category.

Fixed.  Also, the next time you install another plugin via Apps, the support link that's also listed on the Plugins Tab will get automatically updated.

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Hello Unraid Community!   Today we're excited to give you a sneak peak at something we've been working on for quite some time.  A new feature we like to call My Servers.   "My Serv

Would you mind running `unraid-api restart` in a terminal and let me know if that sorts it. I’ve added this to our bug tracker. 

Now available in CA  

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I have a feature suggestion which may (for valid reasons I'm not able to think of) get shot down. Right now everyone has their own address with this plugin. It would be fantastic if you could implement a setting to change the hash to a custom value. The plugin could then check to see if that custom value is already in use, but if not then it would assign that as the new subdomain prefix. It would look like this:


Default URL:

Change custom URL field in Unraid plugin settings to (for example) metallica.

Plugin checks to see if is already assigned. If it is, it rejects the change with an error that the requested value is unavailable. If it is not, the change is made.


Right now we have to go to the Unraid forum first, and then get redirected to the URL, and then bookmark that page for easier access. Implementing this change would make it easier to be able to access your server because you would (hopefully) always know what the URL is.


There might be a completely valid reason that this cannot be done (or even that it can be done but won't be implemented), but in case this is possible and just wasn't something anyone thought of I figured I would mention it.


Thanks for this plugin! I love it. :)

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