Flash Drive 80+% full

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I have not noticed until now, but my USB flash drive that unraid is running on is now over 80 percent full. How can I determine what is filling up the drive, and how can I "clean" the usb drive to have as little data as needed on it?


Should i provide logs or?



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54 minutes ago, Squid said:

Just explore the flash drive via the network (flash share).  OTOH you're probably going to be seeing a whack in the logs folder (safe to delete)



I wrote a script to remove the extra files i had dumped to it. But somehow now i am no longer able to access the unraid gui. I tried to run a "diagnostics" from the terminal, but got the below error. Sounds like its time to recreate my flash drive from a backup?



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17 minutes ago, Squid said:

I think you deleted some of the OS in ram.  I'd reboot


Gotcha, I will try that. I was also running a parity check x12 TB with about 2-3 hours left. All my other dockers and notifications are working, do you think I am safe to wait a few hours to see if the parity check completes before i reboot?

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Posted (edited)
19 hours ago, Squid said:

I think you deleted some of the OS in ram.  I'd reboot


Rebooting fixed the issue in the short term, but after waking up this morning im in the same boat. Any long term solution here?




EDIT: I was able to reboot through putty (took about 20 minutes), and get diagnostics, attached here.


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