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I have an Asus Sabertooth X99 mainboard with 32GB of memory and an Intel 3930k processor. I've had the Asus board running great with everything I put in it. This is not an Unraid build. I flashed my bios the other day and the new BIOS says I have an Intel 5930k. I can assure the world it is a 3930k, I still have the box. I loaded CPUZ utility that tells the user everything about their processor. Even that says Intel 5930k. What the heck? So I said to myself I'm going to back flash to the BIOS I had on on this board. After the flashing was done, still indicates I have an Intel 5930k. I've had this machine running fantastic for a very long time, but when I did install it with the new BIOS it started to crash and give me memory issues. Then I looked closely and it seems I had to turn off some OC stuff that was on, since this board and an unlocked processor is an over clockers setup. I just have to ask, besides taking the CPU cooler off which I hate doing is there any other way to find out what is inscribed on the chip? Not sure how this ever happened.



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