Kernel Panics occurring only on 6.9.0 and 6.9.1

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I began having kernel panics shortly after going to 6.9.0. After going to 6.9.1 I was able to keep the server up for about 2 days, but now I'm getting the panics again (2 in 3 days now). I was able to catch it while it was crashing this time and had the syslog on screen, and I've attached the portions of that I still had up. I did notice 3 threads at 100% utilization right before it crashed, but was unable to get the terminal to respond and bring up htop to find out what was using that cpu.


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I saw online some people were having this due to macvlan problems, which popped up in 6.8 or so, and were fixed, but are now back, and the log does seem to indicate that may be the problem. Unfortunately the containers I have using this broke when I took away their static ip (pihole, unifi, and a few others), so that is not an option. Do we know if the devs are working on a fix for this?

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