[SOLVED] Drive mounted read-only or completely full. Begin investigation here

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Hi All,

I am still a new one on Unraid but now have an error and don't know why

bomieNl looked at this file and asked me to post it here for help. After a power outage I got this error and my Dockers and VMs are no longer working.

bomieNl saw this in the log but don't know why: BTRFS crashes.

Can someone help ?


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Cache is failing to balance because it's completely full, you could try stopping the array, mounting cache manually with skip_balance, delete some data to free up some space then mount normally.


If you want to try that do this:


Stop array then type on the console

mkdir /x
mount -o skip_balance /dev/sdX1 /x


X=one of the cache devices, either one is fine


Then still on the console or using for example midnight commander browse to /x and delete some data, when done


umount /x


Start array and see if it can finish balancing.




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