Guest VM (Windows 10) Time falling behind

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I've had Unraid setup for a short while now and just recently updated to 6.9.1. I cant say if this problem existed before the update or not, But I have a windows 10 VM running on this host and the time in windows 10 keeps falling behind.


I haven't been able to find a solution to the issue and to circumvent the issue for now I've setup a scheduled task in windows 10 to sync the time every 5 minutes. That works, But I would like to try and get to the root of the issue.


If anyone has an idea, Or someone would like to specific information that might help. I've searched these forms and the closest to the issue i've found is a post from 2018, They happen to be working on a VM that was linux. 

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I've been searching on and off trying to find a solution to this issue. The time on my Windows 10 VM is still slightly slower. Adds up to about 5 minutes ever hour. I setup a Task to sync the time every 5 minutes.. And this does seems to band aid the issue.


I cannot find anyone else with this same issue. So guess mine is unique. Looking for anyone with idea's?

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