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ok guys im in a pickle  i have my friends unraid server  from this post


its coming up empty on the unraid GUI as it was hacked some how i was going to try and recovery he's files for him

 ive tested some tools UFS explorer just to name one to see if the data is there which it is all he's photos and videos  the only problem now is the file names dont make sense just some random numbers  is there a program which can recovery the files with the original file names ( ive only tested one drive in a usb dock in my windows pc)

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If the software is generating its own file names, it means the original file names are not (generally) recoverable - from the FAQ:


Will UFS Explorer restore the original folder structure and file names?

UFS Explorer is equipped with algorithms that allow it to restore the structure of the file system and the actual file names. Yet, in some cases, the original folder structure may undergo irreversible corruption becoming unrecoverable, and on top of that, some types of file systems tend to erase the original file names after certain operations (deletion, formatting, etc.). Under such circumstances, the folder or name for the file will be assigned by the software itself to keep the data recovery possible.

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