Dockers all running; Unraid primary interface is down

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All of my server's dockers are running fine. I can connect to them and send and receive data. 


Howerever, when I try to load the unraid home in a browser, the server times out. I can't ping the server. I can't ssh into it. I am not physically collocated with the hardware so I can't use a keyboard to type in the commands to restart unreid's core components (not that I know how to off the top of my head!).


Anyone have any ideas on how I can get Unread's web interface back?

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Are you able to SSH into Unraid itself? if so you might be able to run diagnostics command and scp the output zip file so people can tell you what's up.

Also bear in mind that if you have exposed the web ui (port 80/443) or the ssh port 22 to the internet  and don't have a decently strong password for the root account, there's a good chance your server has been compromised, which maybe why you can't connect to the web interface. (just exposing it to the internet even with a great strong password is not a guarantee that its been compromised.)


Finally you can opt to try restarting the server with the reboot command


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Thank you for your quick response. Cannot ssh in -- just like the other protocols, it just times out. I'm not worried about external compromise -- I'm using OpenVPN to permit external access while blocking malignants.


I'm thinking my only option at this point is to go to where the box is and issue a reboot from the local keyboard. I can run the diagnistics before doing so and post it here to see if anyone finds it useful. Will be a few days -- won't be home or a few days yet.

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