still problem with a VM and a nvidia gtx760 card

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Hi guys, 

I would like to ask you if you have tips for my problem.

I recently bought a nvidia gtx760 card to use with my VMs. After initial issues , and following some video of SpaceInvaders, finally I was able to see the screen, then the passthrough seemed to work.  I also passed trought a PCIe Usb controller and it works fine.

My issue is that despite I downloaded the latest drivers( directly form the VM ) and installed them ( al least it seems ) I can't change the resolution, and if I go in manager devices the video card is recognized, but a yellow triangle is there and the explanations says that the video card had a problem and doesn't work properly.

Actually I was wonderig where could be the problem and how to fix.

here some details on how I preceeded, according to spaceinvader suggestion:

- i create a file bios.dump for the video card

- i create a domain subfolder called Vbios and i copied the file into it

- my VM are located on a NMVe hdd, it's an unassigned disk and I partinioned with the docker Gparted ( 4 partitions of 240GB each )

- I edit the VM and I put, as bios video card file, the one mentioned before


So, the monitor showed the VM, but with a low resolution.  windows was not able to auto upload the video driver, but it did for the usb controller ( mouse, keyboard, ext usb stick were regognized, installed and work well ).


So, I don't know if having the bios file in the domain subfolder and the Vdisk in another location could create problem.


any suggestion is more than welcome



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2 hours ago, cristiano1492 said:

my VM are located on a NMVe hdd, it's an unassigned disk and I partinioned with the docker Gparted ( 4 partitions of 240GB each )


This is the part I'm unsure about. Why four partitions? How are they used? Are you not using vDisks for your VMs?


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Hi John, well, actually I'm quite "young" with Unraid and I'm collecting info all around and starting to build up my personal experience, but there are still lot of dark areas where I might be wrong.

Let me explain a little more I have two NMVe disk, both 1TB. I used the first one as cache and the second one is in unassigned devices. Since is 1TB, I understood( and probably I'm wrong) that if I create a Vm on this unassigned disk it will take all the amount and I don't have space for another one. That's why reading this and that I understood that I should have done some partitions in order to create multiple VM on the same NMVe. The purpose is not to let the VM being created in standard location, into the domain share, that is basically on the array or on the cache, another place that I wouldn't use for the VM, because I would prefer to let it free and works only as cache.   Am I wrong ?  What and How do you suggest to proceed ?

Coming to the topic, another problem that this video card created me, is that when is installed into the server, my internet is down.  I already tried all the troubleshooting and ...unfortunately the sentence is that when is connected and i try to passthrough my router is down.  If I remove the card and work with my VMs in VNC, no problem at all., and the funny story is that the same card installed in my bare metal Vin 10 pc ( another pc ) it doesn't have this problem and works perfectly.   Never happen in my life and I'm not able to understan why this should happen.

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Now I'm stuck, because the Video card is in my home pc and in the server i don't have any other card....or better I have a couple of very old RADEON HD5700, but they don't support UEFI, that , still reading somewhere, means I can't use because if I try to passthrough, the monitor is blank. Probably I should find his BIOS, but the card is so old that is not possible to find a BIOS ROM which is UEFI compatible

Then, I would like to understand why the GTX is behaving in this way : dropping down my router, or if I put as card of one of my VM and I use his specific ROM file, I can see the vitual Win 10 on the screen, but still give me errors and impossible to apply the drivers. 

What I can do ? Buy another similar video card ? what if even the second one behaves like the first one ?  

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