Server aesthetics - I just don't get it

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I just noticed this section of the forum but I have to say for the most part I just don't get it. 

Sure, on your desk you want something that looks clean and neat. But for a server? Fans run the quietest in the basement, and the best fans keep your drive and CPU temps low. The best case facilitates cooling the best. From my perspective anyway. That's why my Unraid box sits in one of these....


It ain't sexy, but using those drive cages gives me fans in front of stacks of 4, and then there are 3 more 120's after it pulling it through. As a result I don't have heat issues, and knock wood I haven't had a drive failure with 8 spinners and 4 SSDs going on 4 years now. 

Nope, like a wife of 20 plus years the case doesn't look good in a bikini, it's not much on fashion, makes some noise regularly, and on the inside it's absolutely frigid. Just what I need. 🤠

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You are completely right. Mine is hidden away in the fusebox room in my hallway. No one really sees it except for me. So it's useless to make it look good, right? 
But I still want mine to look good both inside and outside (inside is more about cable management and being clean and easy to work on). I love building things, and setting up a new build (planning one currently!) is just another build.. and I love the whole process of picking up nice gear. 


Apart from that: the fusebox/meter room will not fit a typical rackmounted server. As it's a typical dutch thing that is basically a very shallow 'room' with a door in it that houses gas/water/electricity meters, and usually we stick in a modem or a nas in there too. 


Two examples below (not mine) to get an idea what we usually work with :) 

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