Recommend me a motherboard for my i5-10400 24/7 server

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Im in the finishing stages of putting together my first "real" home server. Been using a raspberry pi and docker for the last three years and i've decided to go with UnRaid for my new home server.


It's going to be using an i5-10400 which i admit is probably overkill for what i want to do with it but i got a good deal on it.

It's going to run the following dockers:


  • Caddie - reverse proxy
  • Pi-Hole - adblocking and custom internal DNS
  • Home Assistant - Home automation (this may move over to the new server.)
  • ddclient - basic dynamic dns
  • portainer - why not?
  • Jellyfin - FOSS Plex, no more than 4-6 clients tbh. 95% of the time will have 1 client
  • Navidrome - Music Streaming
  • Bittorrent stuff - deluge, sonarr, radarr, jackett, etc
  • Minecraft Server - max of 10 people, probably closer to 4-5 tbh
  • NextCloud (or maybe Seafile since i don't need all NextClouds feature bloat).
  • Gitea
  • Ubooquity (or maybe calibre + calibre-web)
  • OpenVPN (or alternative like wireguard)
  • Some backup system (duplicati? i havent really done the research yet).


In addition since i got the i5 and it has a bit more power (compared to my original plan of i3-10100) I was thinking of running a windows VM for very light gaming (maybe?) and other general windows stuff. I want to be able to pass through the integrated graphics when needed, I've been reading the forums and i keep seeing this thing called IOMMU come up and have no idea what it means, can someone explain it? Does the ability to pass through the iGPU depend on the motherboard?


My budget is <$130 but preferably closer to $100. I almost picked up the ASRock B560M Pro4 for $99 on Newegg but I hesitated and they sold out. At this point i'm just waiting for more B560(m) motherboards to be stocked. I'm in no rush and am patient so if it means waiting a few weeks to restock then so be it.


What mobo do you recommend for me?

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51 minutes ago, Taako said:

called IOMMU come up and have no idea what it means

This allows part to be logically split.


I just got a MSI B460A-PRO for another test box.   I have K4000 and iGPU, bit are in their own IOMMU groups so can pass them through to a VMs.


IOMMU needs to be set in the OC Processor settings.

Group 1 is NVIDA, Group 2 is iGPU.


Down side to this motherboard is only 1 x X16 PCIe and 2 x X1. But just got a Celeron + 4GB in it present for R&D.





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