Black screen with Docker web console


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I used to be able to have a console for each docker container through the unraid web interface. Now, when I attempt to launch the console, I just get a blank black window. My googling is failing me for an obvious solution. Anyone experience this before?

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I used to get it quite regularly, in my case it was usually a browser issue.


  1. Test in private browsing mode
  2. If that worked, clear your browser's cache for your Unraid server
  3. If that didn't work, jump into a terminal window and verify you can enter the container: docker exec -ti containername /bin/sh
  4. If only step 3 works, try a different browser, failing that you might have to restart the docker service and/or your server.


Post back if you still have trouble.

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Just now, BKS said:

Somehow I glanced over that second part of part 4. Restarted docker service and works fine now. Can't believe I hadn't thought of that :D



No worries at all @BKS


The issue you were having indicated that the WebUI was having trouble communicating with Docker so that's probably why it worked.

I'm a Safari user through and through and none of those features were built with Safari compatibility in mind so I usually just stick to ssh 😂

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