BTRFS cache drive corruption

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~10 days after I had the previous BTRFS cache drive corruption I just ran into the same thing.


Beyond me trying to replace the NVME drive, any other suggestions? It seems like the issue starts after heavy NVME loads.... ie. I copied ~700gigs worth of file to NVME then deleted then shortly a few hours later....
Copying was done around 15:30 (see log)

tower disconnected from "PC-LAN" (9d 4h 48m connected, 31.3 GB)11:09 pm 03/23/2021 (from Uqibiti log)


Diagnostics are from 14th after I reformatted cache drive last time. I can power cycle, as right now the server is on the screen as in the picture.


Last time I ran full hardware diagnostics to include memtest86. Found no issues.


Advice, suggestions.. anything at this point as it is driving me crazy, lol.



2021-03-24 21.30.47.jpg


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2 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Reoccurring filesystem corruption without an apparent reason suggests an underlying hardware issue, start by running memtest.

I think the 1st time (2 weeks ago) I ran the memory testing from the unraid flash drive boot.
Just created a fresh Memtest86 USB and running a new test now.


Also, this issue occurred when I was watching something on Plex with my phone. I had it set to play Original quality so no transcoding.
Only changes I did this year were adding PiHole docker sometime in February. (Plex, SABnbzd, Sonarr only other dockers)


Since last cache drive format I did the following:


mount -o remount,size=20G /dev/shm


Beyond that server is mainly for storage. Never more than 2 streams and that's very rare. All activity is local.

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Just an update on this issue.


Took a lot of testing..... didn't help that my son yanked the power cord out so I had to run stability check again.

Either way I was over 30 days with no any kind of BTRFS corruption or other issues.... (well, besides the version not available for dockers...)

The only thing I shut off is the pihole template docker that was residing on my appdata folder on my NVME.


I haven't brought it up there since I don't really need it and was only testing.

So.., leaving this here just in case somebody runs into this weird issue.

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