[SOLVED] New Disk added, unmountable, no format option

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I recently transferred my unraid to a new case and motherboard.  In the process I added a new 14 TB disk, the same size as my parity drive.  I transferred everything to the new case, booted up unraid with the original 5 disk array (4 data plus 1 parity) with the new disk as an unassigned device.  After I had the original set up working, I ran preclear on the new disk.  Then, following instructions Adding Disks I stopped the array, added the disk to the array, and started the array again.  The disk showed as unmountable with the error "Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout" with no option to format.  I figured something went wrong with the preclear, so i stopped the array, removed the disk (which showed a red x next to it and said "missing") started the array and ran preclear again.  I then followed the instructions again, stopping the array adding the disk and starting again.  This time the array started a parity check, as if I had replaced a damaged disk.  I decided to let the process run and finish the parity check.  Now I am here, back to an installed disk that is unmountable, with no option to format.  How do I proceed from here?

The disk added was WDC_WD140EDFZ-11A0VA0_QBKUU99T-20210325-1711 disk5 (sdh)

syslog 03-25-2021.txt plexunraid-diagnostics-20210325-1711.zip

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