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I have a cache pool setup with 2 SSDs and that is setup for docker appdata, etc. That one is working perfectly. I setup a second "Cachepooltwo" and I have it configured with a few shares, but it does not move the data off the cache onto the array when I invoke the mover.

These are the shares I have setup:
all_media - user cache pool: "yes" - select cache pool: "Cachepooltwo" - Included disk(s): "All"


Cachepooltwo is a 2TB nvme drive and it is sitting at 1.5TB full of all_media folders and download folders.

- Downloads write to here and then it transfers the completed downloads to Plex's all_media folder on the cache drive.


Kicking off the mover never shows any disk activity with Cachepooltwo. I thought I remembered this working soon after upgrading to 6.9 but I'm not sure if it has since 6.9.1.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Just now, trurl said:

Have you tried it without the Mover Tuning plugin installed?

I haven't. I don't think I realized that it was a plug-in, I must have had it for awhile. Uninstalled and trying to run now.

That did it! It is now moving off cachepooltwo. Awesome.

Thanks for the help!

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