Unraid not giving an IP address on my network, only a 169.*

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I moved my Unraid install over to a new motherboard and connected all the drives and the USB. Now i'm not getting a proper IP address and cannot access the UI.


I'm getting a 169.* address. I can logon via the command line, I just need to get to the UI so I can add in the drives in order again. Diagnostics are attached.






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40 minutes ago, bccdon said:

Thanks, how would I confirm this? Also how would I upgrade the unraid version on the existing USB stick without losing my config?

I do not remember what drivers were in 6.8 what were added in 6.9, but this issue comes back on the forum pretty often and the upgrade is the solution 99% of the time.

A 169. IP address means that the server could not get a proper IP from DHCP.


As for the update, you can DL the zip file here https://unraid.net/download and replace the bz files on the drive.


If you want to be sure, you can also create a new trial drive and see how it behaves.

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I don't think its drivers, I looked up his motherboard specs and it has the standard intel 1GbE LAN, which should be ok.

Assuming a static IP has been set, there will be a routing conflict in the switch where 2 MAC address (old and new system) resolve to the same IP address.


Power cycling the network equipment is an easy way to rule this out, as this clears the ARP cache.

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Hi All,


It has a 2.5G network onboard, updated the unraid version on the USB and it looks to have found the network again. All looks good besides my VM which requires a BIOS setting somewhere.


Thank you for the help, things are rocking again this side. ;-)




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