UHD 750 - Rocket Lake IGP support.

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So it seems Plex got Transcoding working on their latest forum preview build for 11th gen CPUs (Tiger & Rocket Lake)



Personnal tests reveal that indeed the build got rid of crashs and artifacts, reverting back to previous public releases makes the crash come again.


Looks like Jellyfin's transcoder needs Intel's updated commands judging by this Plex Employee ?


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On 10/17/2021 at 1:53 PM, Iglo said:

Using your container but I have a Tiger Lake CPU, while transcoding works I did faced some crash when transcoding

On which unRAID version are you? Try to upgrade to 6.10.0-rc1 if you are not already on that version.

Crashing from unRAID itself or just the container?

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I'm going to drop this here in case anyone needs it. I have an i5-11400 with an ASUS PRIME H570-PLUS motherboard. I couldn't figure out how to get both a discrete card and the iGPU working. I wasn’t able to boot from the USB without turning on some compatibility mode (called CSM), and if I turn on CSM I lose the option to use both the iGPU and the discrete GPU.


To fix, I had to go into /boot and change the "EFI-/" directory name to "EFI". This would then allow for UEFI booting, which then allowed me to set it to use iGPU multi monitor, which allowed for both the iGPU and discrete card to be used concurrently.

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