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A simple plugin to allow you to create your own notes for every page in the GUI and bring them up on demand.



After installation (navigate to a different page from apps, or reload the page), an "edit" icon will appear in the top right (black / white) or at the bottom (azure / grey) which will allow you to view / edit your notes for that particular GUI page.  On the black & white themes, if a note exists you will see the icon flash red whenever you are on the applicable page.


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This is a great idea. There is, sadly,  another "use case" for this...inspired by the current pandemic:

Leaving explanatory notes and important server info for the surviving spouse who was NOT the household's IT person.


I will be installing this plugin ASAP.

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Lovely little plugin.


Two requests I'll give my +1 for:

Theme-matching (or even just title font and a basic light/dark colour)

No blinking icon when a page has a note (colour change is nice, but blinking is a little too much)

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My daily used Firefox Browser and Firefox without own config it show like scrennshot.

But with Chrome it has smaller font size how your screensho.

at the moment its ok but smaller font size would be nice.



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