var/log getting full (55%) after 11 days uptime

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1 hour ago, Wolbaz said:

one core has been sitting at 100% all day. 

You have this issue.


Try the WSD options fix mentioned in the thread or disable WSD.


As to the issue in the thread title, the default log size is only 128M and is in RAM.  Try this command to see what is in the log to see if something in particular contains a lot of log files:


du -sm /var/log/*

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Cpu usage is back to normal, thanks for that. Here's the command


root@Tower:~# du -sm /var/log/*
72      /var/log/atop
0       /var/log/btmp
0       /var/log/cron
0       /var/log/debug
1       /var/log/dmesg
0       /var/log/docker.log
0       /var/log/faillog
0       /var/log/lastlog
1       /var/log/libvirt
0       /var/log/maillog
0       /var/log/messages
0       /var/log/nfsd
1       /var/log/nginx
0       /var/log/packages
1       /var/log/pkgtools
0       /var/log/plugins
0       /var/log/removed_packages
0       /var/log/removed_scripts
0       /var/log/removed_uninstall_scripts
1       /var/log/samba
0       /var/log/scripts
0       /var/log/secure
0       /var/log/setup
0       /var/log/spooler
0       /var/log/swtpm
1       /var/log/syslog
1       /var/log/vfio-pci
1       /var/log/wtmp

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from what I can gather I need to disable atop in the nerdpack, as well as anything else I don't need. As far as I can tell the nerd pack is all command line stuff that I probably don't need at all. 

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Posted (edited)

Welp disabled all the nerdpack junk, then I went back to dashboard and my memory shows "Usable size:
Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/Helpers.php on line 31
0.0 B"


Went over to fix common problems and the rescan button doesn't work. It pops up the normal window and it immediately closes without doing anything. Same with extended scan. Tried to download diagnostics file and it just gets stuck on downloading.


Clicking system log on the main page gives me "Undefined"

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21 minutes ago, jonathanm said:

Did you reboot after turning off the nerdpack items?

that fixed it, thanks! I was hesitant to do so so late on a work night. I didn't want something to break and then have to stay up late troubleshooting.

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