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Apr 7 10:09:49 Server emhttpd: error: mdcmd, 2771: Input/output error (5): write

Apr 7 10:09:49 Server kernel: md: do_drive_cmd: disk6: ATA_OP e0 ioctl error: -5

Apr 7 10:09:50 Server kernel: mdcmd (30313): spindown 6


being spammed with this error not sure why 

i moved from an intel system server motherbaord cpu 64G of ram


now i have:

ryzen 2600

16GB of ram



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If possible before rebooting and preferably with the array started
Go to Tools - Diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics ZIP file to your NEXT post in this thread.

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2 hours ago, MightyLional said:

i did right below it :) sorrry sould have to begin with but forgot haha

Apparently it didn't show up, all I see is syslog, not diagnostics as trurl requested.

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Not the cause of your problems, but your appdata and system shares have files on several array disks instead of all on cache.


Which plex are you using?


Post docker run as explained at the very first link in the Docker FAQ.



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39 minutes ago, MightyLional said:

cant figure out how to get the download or the run

Did you look at the first link in the Docker FAQ as I mentioned?


1 hour ago, MightyLional said:


You can go directly to the correct support thread for any of your dockers by clicking on its icon and selecting Support.

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Posted (edited)

yes i did, it says to give the run command but under edit even under advance i dont see anything about a run command i also checked under the docker tile and i dont see anything there either


thank you for the support button 

Edited by MightyLional
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On 5/26/2017 at 12:03 PM, Squid said:

the docker "run" command that will appear when you install / edit the application (you can always make any change and then change it back and hit "Apply" to get the docker run command to appear

When you install or edit a container, you are taken to a web page (Add / Update Container). That page contains a form with various things you fill in such as the path to your media. When you submit this form by clicking Apply, the fields in that form are used to construct the docker run command that is given to the Docker Engine. The text of the docker run command, which is what I am asking for, appears after you click Apply on that page.

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The docker run command is more complete than any screenshot you might take of that page since it shows exactly what is given to the Docker Engine. That is why we prefer it to a screenshot of that page. That is why it is the first link in the Docker FAQ.


You really need to figure out how to post the docker run or it will be difficult for anyone to help you.

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