Dns Not Updating

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I rebooted my server and my network settings must of gone funny,

i've checked the gateway ip and dns ips and they are correct,

i renamed the network.cfg and unraid made a new one,

anyone about to help?




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15 minutes ago, Squid said:

What's the problem you're having?


fix common problems is unable to communicate with github.com, asks me to reset router/modem or set dns settings,

can not access the unraid over lan anymore,

under management when i click update dns i get an error message saying it failed to connect to keys.lime-technology.com port 442: no route to host

can't seem to connect to any of my docker continers either by local up:port or domain

containers not showing if they are up to date.


i can however access my pfsense vm via it's local ip,


when i boot unraid via gui i can open container webui's locally


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7 hours ago, SimonF said:

You should be able to reach unraid via http://ip 


Can pfsense reach github.com.


Sounds like you have a routing issue or access is blocked on firewall.


That's the thing I can not, and I don't know why, all I did was reboot the server and started having problems, 

I just tried restoring pfsense from it's xml backup I made when everything was working after a fresh install of pfsense which did not help.

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