Are dual GPUs needed for GUI Mode & VM to display on same Monitor?

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Hi All,

On my Supermicro MB I have an Nvidia GT1030 setup as a passthrough to support my Ubuntu VM and it works great. What does not work is my UnRaid OS running in GUI mode on the same monitor my Ubuntu VM displays on. Other posts say a second GPU needs to be installed in order to see the UnRaid OS on the same monitor my Ubuntu VM displays on.  Is this true? 


I just purchased an Nvidia GT710 to use as my UnRaid OS default GPU. How do I designate my GT710 card as the default GPU for my UnRaid OS? Additionally, my Supermicro Motherboard has an onboard Aspeed VGA. Is it necessary to disable it?  I would appreciate any help. My goal is to use a single monitor for both my Ubuntu VM and my UnRaid OS in GUI mode.

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If you're using the GPU for passthrough to a VM, then if you want to also have access to the output of the OS, then you'll need another GPU (or the on board).  (And a monitor with dual inputs)


You set the primary GPU for the OS in the BIOS.

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Squid, thank you for your post.  Fortunately, my LG monitor has an HDMI 1 port and a HDMI 2 port. So it looks like it is a matter of using the SIGNAL selector button on my monitor to manaully switch between HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 source signals.  Also I am going to disable the onboard VGA on my SuperMicro Motherboard.  Having it enabled is most likely going to cause some kind of problem.  

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