unRAID on refurbished Servers?

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I need to soak up all the new information right now, so I need some time to process the new info atm.

My first question that pops up is that with my budget that is approx. 650 USD, what are the best options...? I want to build a second server and replace some smaller disks for 8TB ones.
So that I can make a proper backup of my most wanted unraid files. But what sort of operating system (free of charge) can I use for that second server? I dont have the budget to buy a second unraid key...

Well I have to think this over, but already thanks for the info and guidance!

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I've soaked all the information up.
Thank you everyone for giving me such great advice.


I have put a PCPartPicker list together, and I would like to know of that it is a good list for a new server.

So if you have additions or points that you would recommend me, please let me now.

The link to the list is: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/wMzMHz


It is going to be used for some Windows vms (max. 2) and the current docker images:

  • SABnzbdvpn
  • Delugevpn
  • DuckDNS
  • Jellyfin (media server)
  • Openvpn

Is a 3700x enough? 8c/16t...

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