Windows VMs Pausing after 6.9 Update

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Hello, thanks for reading into my issue.


Lately, I have been having an issue with my windows mining VMs that I did not have with the initial release of unraid 6.9 or even 6.8.3. 


Before the update to 6.9.2, I had been running (3) windows VMs for mining cryptos. They ran flawlessly 24/7 365 with no hiccups. After the update to either 6.9 or 6.9.2, the VMs are pausing every couple of hours, and I cannot find a solution to the problem.


I have rebooted the server a few times, hoping this would resolve the issue, but that did nothing.


I re-installed all (3) VMs, that also did not help.


I re-checked all settings for VMs and nothing stuck out to me that needed to be changed.


I am now turning to the forums to see if someone else has been having a similar issue. 


Please see attached my logs. Any and all help is appreciated!

docker.txt libvirt.txt syslog.txt vfio-pci.txt btrfs-usage.txt cmdline.txt df.txt ethtool.txt folders.txt ifconfig.txt iommu_groups.txt loads.txt lscpu.txt lsmod.txt lsof.txt lspci.txt lsscsi.txt lsusb.txt meminfo.txt memory.txt motherboard.txt plugins.txt ps.txt top.txt vars.txt

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