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I have an unraid instance running on a Dell R710 server. It has 5 disks of various sizes plus the 8Tb parity disk.


I recently started getting a warning on the size of one of the disks that it was around 75% full.


The main screen bears that out. 


That's ok - but I have a disk with 4Tb that hasn't even been touched - it remains empty.


Does this represent a problem? 


Are there settings that distribute disk space evenly over my 5 disks? 


Kinda lost here.


Is there a direction I should look into to find out what the problem is.


Any help is appreciated.





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How files are distributed depends on the settings you have set for your User Shares.


you should post your system’s diagnostics zip file (obtained via Tools -> Diagnostics) so we can see how you have things set up if you want any sort of informed feedback.

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I didn't want to wade through all 47 of the share .cfg files in those diagnostics. Do you really have that many user shares? Probably not but unfortunately no way to know from diagnostics, without opening each of them, which actually correspond to existing user shares and which were created (perhaps accidentally) at some time in the past but are no longer used.


In any case, what you have seems like the expected Highwater allocation. When that disk gets past 75% I would expect it to reevaluate and choose disk7 (or maybe disk8) for a while.

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This is a pick of the shares currently. As expected.





I checked out the contents of each one and they are as expected with the shares that are below.




So no issues to be concerned with?





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