[SOLVED] Parity protection of direct writes and local writes

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If I plug in a USB drive and directly copy data from it to local share, or cp a local file from somewhere else to a share, is the data parity protected?  E.g.:

cp -r /mnt/disks/External/Movies /mnt/user/Media/.


I looked at system stats and drive I/O and it looks like the answer is, yes, but I didn't want to assume since I'm new to this and I don't have a good mental model for how the parity operations are integrated into the system (kernel?  user-space program? something else?).  

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Unraid parity is realtime. All write operations (write, delete, copy, move, format) to any disk in the array updates parity at the same time. In your example, assuming the Media share isn't cached, array disk(s) is chosen for the files and parity is updated as they are written. If cached, then they would be written to cache, and if cache-yes, they would later be moved to the array, and then that move would be a write operation that updates parity.

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