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From what it does now, to sync the file system, then spin down.


After a large write, I have to wait for about a minute before I can spin down the disks as spurious writes seem to be made, if I spin it down straoght after a large copy, it spins back up again after a few moments.

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I don't know how easy this is from the software point of view, but I agree, it would be a very welcome improvement in the behaviour of the user controlled spin down function.

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You are seeing the effects of Linux caching disk writes.  Install the Tips and Tweaks plugin and adjust the disk caching to have disk writes commit faster.  Click on the 'Help' icon in the upper right of the GUI when in the Tweaks page and if will explain the disk caching.

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Thanks dlandon, I have installed tips and tweaks, the options seem to be the size of the cache, not the speed it is flushed to disk.  I've set the size percentages smaller and will see where that goes.  


I would still prefer to see the Spin Down disks button flush the cache before spinning down disks.

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Actually, Tips & Tweaks doesn't help.  The disks still spin up again and make more writes.


What's really need is for the write cache to be flushed to disk before spinning down the disks.

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A potential solution to this might be the following action on hitting spin down button...


Read vm.dirty_expire_centisecs

Change vm.dirty_expire_centisecs from read value to 1 second (potentially 0 seconds)

Spin Down the disks

Wait 1 or 2 seconds

(If any disks spun up) Spin Down the disks (or just spin them down again)

Restore vm.dirty_expire_centisecs to original read value


Currently, after a large write you need to wait 2 of 30 second intervals i.e. a minute before you can spin down the disks for the write cache to be flushed to disk


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