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Hello folks  older guy (57 years old ) can use same help .

Last summer i went away Ofc power out at home so mine plex streaming not worked and not clean shot down unraid server when i got home :=((

Finally saved same money and can use advice  on normal cheep if possible ups for shot down and restart mine server have 10 hd and 4 ssd ryzen 5 1400 and ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. PRIME X370-PRO. no wms jus docker for plex and radarr.

have even qnap 4bay nas to. Super if i can connect that one too for clean shutdown.

Coud use recommendation for working ups even better if i can replace the battery later in  the line. what i heard same ups battery cost same as new ups sadly. Living in Sweden i can buy from amazon dk or se easy,or anything in EU is god to go. budget around 200-300 doller can stretch more if the ups can  last long time whit battery replacement.

Love mine unraid and sry for bad english

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My current APC UPS (2200VA) mfg. 2010, it is a fault unit release from 1st hand. I got it in around 2015, it is battery out of order only, battery fault again after 5yrs in 2020. If you know how to replace the battery then UPS could serve you quit longtime.


The cost for four battery (12v 7Ah) around 60USD per each replacement.


Those unit quite heavy, it weight 40kg (include battery), so I don't think buy it online was a good choice, pls try found in 2nd hand market/forum. I got another fault unit ( 900VA ) in 20USD only, seller sell it as bad unit, it also battery problem only.


Many company will sell thier fault UPS because they don't know how to fix themself, so those bad unit is a good source.

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I'd suggest to look at UPS from Eaton. Model Line Eaton Elipse (not Pro, the ones without LCD, as this consumes quite some energy, too).

They will work with the NUT Plugin in unraid via USB.
Depending on capacity, 1, 2 or more batteries will be needed, when replacement is due. But they are quite cheap and easily available from the aftermarket, around 40EUR each, inkl. VAT.

However, you can only connect one pc/server to it, as these have only one USB. You could cascade manually with scripts and such and link more than one, but this requires some skills.
Only larger, more expensive ones, that come with LAN instead of USB interface, can link to more than one PC/Server simultaneously.

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On 4/25/2021 at 4:17 PM, jetlimaster said:

what i heard same ups battery cost same as new ups sadly.

This is not generally true.  You only pay such a high price if you buy batteries from the UPS manufacturer.  For example, APC batteries for any APC UPS are normally very expensive.  But you can generally buy the same batteries from a trusted battery brand much cheaper.  (Examples would be Lucas or Yuasa batteries sold in the UK).  Then you can buy the same capacity maybe for around 30% of the cost.  Many UPS use 12V 7Ah or 12V 9Ah batteries - these are standard sizes from many manufacturers.   Also many battery suppliers will list equivalent types for UPS batteries for APC and other UPS makes.  Here is an example from a supplier in the UK -


Sometime a UPS battery is made of two standard batteries joined together, and it is generally possible to assemble the replacements using the same cables and housing.

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Thx for all the help so in sweden sadly buying fron uk now is taxes to high . leats replace battery on apc god ide.

Most important to me is start unraid server as main so simple unit 1 usb not a bad thinking.

Any models to recommend apc or other brands? heard cyberpower okey brand to and amazon least in dk have samthing called  green power and many models i never heard of, saw the Eaton Ellipse PRO 650 DIN realy in mine price range. even better if i can find a model whit 2 connections for clean shutdown -restart. other hardware like routers don't matter they restart when  power back anyway

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I understand that you would only buy your batteries locally, but there are probably some battery sellers in Sweden who can help you.  I cannot advise about alternative UPS brands to be honest.  I have only used APC due to the compatibility.  Support for APC is already provided in Unraid and it is normally quite easy to configure.  My recommendation would be to find a used APC UPS in Sweden that may need new batteries, but then you could find a local supplier for those.  I have zero Swedish language skill, but will Google translate I was able to find this battery supplier, for example... 

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I would suggest attempting to locate as new a unit as possible on the used market. Having had APC units for over 3 decades, I can tell you that some of the older ones (beige) are aging out and having internal problems.

I would also suggest, purchasing from their Smart-UPS line, as it is a pure sinewave output.  Their Back-UPS series are not.  That's not to say they're terrible, but some equipment can get annoyed by it.

As a consideration, you should examine what types and styles of batteries are easy for you to get.

The most common types are... 12V 7Ah



and 12V 20Ah



The 'tower' style APC UPS units use the latter more commonly in pairs, whereas the 'rack' style units use the former in sets of 4.  Just based on the numbers, the 'tower' units will run for a longer amount of time due to the larger capacity.


You should consider that, a good UPS will outlast its batteries quite handily; I've had several be in service for almost 2 decades.  You will more than likely spend more on batteries over the life of the unit, than the initial cost of the unit.


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