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Hi folks. I’ve been an unRAID fan and user for over a decade, and now it’s time to build another system. In addition to storage, here’s what I want to use it for:


* Plex Server / Radarr / Sonarr
* Home Assistant / PiHole
* Steam / PC games, presumably via Windows 10 VM


Regarding the latter, I have an nVidia Shield Pro in the living room. I’d prefer to locate the unRAID tower in another room, so perhaps the Shield could be used via GameStream. I’ve never used unRAID to set up a gaming VM, so that’s all new to me, and I’m still trying to sort it out.


I need to start by choosing a CPU + motherboard combo. I’d prefer AMD unless there are compelling reasons to choose Intel. I am leaning toward the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X because there aren’t many CPUs that have both:


* 8 cores
* low TDP (65W)


My main question is the motherboard. My current target criteria are:


* at least 6-8 on-board SATA ports
* on-motherboard USB A (for the unRAID OS thumb drive) would be nice but not necessary
* … what other criteria would you recommend?


What CPU + motherboard combination would you choose if you were me? Any and all suggestions would be *greatly* appreciated! 😁

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