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I've installed the Nerdpack plugin but it's missing a command I'd like to have:



I've seen other posts suggesting that UNRAID isn't a "full" linux distribution and I'm guessing that means I need to download and compile from source, and I'm comfortable with exploring that if that's the route to go.  But if there's a better/recommended way I'd like to try that first.


To address questions I assume will come.  Yes, I know xz is included, and I know xz now supports blocked archives and parallelism.  It's just not the same as the ease of use of the random access to files provided by the index with pixz (try it for yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about).  And I also saw that pigz is in Nerdpack, which is a nice substitute but still not the same.  I'm sure I could make do with alternatives, but as I explore UNRAID during my trial period I want to see what I can and can't do to the system (with the help of the community). 

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First step would probably be to go to the Nerdpack thread and request the addition of pixz.


A less popular option, but one I always recommend because I think it should be more popular, would be to attempt to run it in docker. Normally I would suggest looking on docker hub for a pixz container, but I only see one available and it doesnt have a docker file listed. The your next best bet would be building your own docker image with pixz. Plenty of tutorials online of how to do it properly with a dockerfile, an easy start however would be to pull an alpine base image, run a console container, install pixz and then commit the image. Using pixz in unraid then should be as easy as running something like 

docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/mnt/:rw --workdir=/mnt/ yourimagename:tag pixz arguments

Thats a relatively long command, but you could wrap it in a simple bash script or use an alias. I do something very similar with the crazymax/7zip container which I have script wrapped and aliased to "extract"

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