Installing Mikrotik's The Dude monitoring server

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Hi there,


I'm trying to setup Mikrotik's The Dude monitoring server in KVM on Unraid.


Instructions seemed pretty straight forward, download the raw disk image, set up a new Linux vm and point the disk to the folder and file that I moved into a subfolder in domains.


The VM appears to setup find but no luck, I boot into the UEFI Interactive Shell (rookie move I guess)


I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction please.



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Thanks for your response.  Yes however the instructions for Qemu/KVM are extremely vague.


I also downloaded the ISO, created a new VM and booted the image with the same result.


This isn't the first VM installed on my Unraid server, i have several Windows VMs that were a piece of cake to setup

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11 hours ago, toastman said:

"system image must be used with IDE controller".   It also might be helpful to try "USB" as the file looks to be an .img not an .iso (unless you converted it)



Thank you for the tip.  


Problem solved: The Mikrotik server isn't compatible with UEFI so I rebuilt the VM using SeaBIOS and it worked.



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