when you mix and match hard drive caches is there performance differences with unraid?

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so from  reading the article and re reading what you wrote.. and what i thought it ment was 


so i thought 0kB  orginally ment each folder  can go down to 0 diskspace left


so when reading the article about minum space..    that basiclly for not really the "share" but the share on each disk..  so   if unraid is moving the file from   unassaigned drive to Disk1  and if your file is 8gb  but you only have 2gb  free   it will will write it to another disk that has a minum share set  but .

ah now i confused

the article talks about a Disk..  but your not Setting a minium file size to a "Disk " your setting it to a "Share"


so. 1 when you have a "downloads"  or a "movies" as you mentioned.. and you have 8 disks that associate with Downalods or Movies.. does it set  all 8 disks  to 16gb min  if you set downloads to 16gb     it wont go below 16GB 


so ugh i getting confused... so basiclly you gotta set all your shares to 16GB    then if my 1 drive was going low..  it wouldnt go below 16Gb..   and if  teh entire array would not go below  16GB   and you couldnt move a file  bigger then 16GB    to the array as there is no disk space ... to prevent  errors..


but from what i read and that.. since I do not use a cache drive.. as i kept getting errors cuz i filled up a 1TB and a 500gb cache drive i tried it on movie files off my drives  onto the array.. so i just scraped the whole idea of cache.. as i was moving 2 4 6TB drives  off enclosures  and onto the array  with a cache drive and it didnt like it when i said move the entire drive  




so  if unraid cant tell the size of the file your moving,   if your Downloads folder is set to 16GB    which i think changes All 8 hard drives to Min 16GB..   and if i moving a 8GB file from an unassigned drive to the array..   Unraid  once complete  Will give you an error and say you cant move the file but its already moved it..

and now that file is erased as it didnt copy it anywhere ..  if you let your Array Free Diskspace hit 16gb free


and you want to always have like 1 TB of disk space total free probably..



so leaving it at 0KB  will go right down to 0


but now i re read what you said..    its your Cache Drive  well i not using a Cache drive i writting directly to Array and thats how i get the error  in Krusader  when moving files

4TB free on Array...  1TB or 2TB disk unassigned..  99% full on the unassigned drive..  in krusader  i hightlight the entire file directories  on the unassigned drive and choose MOve thats where i get that error i mentioned earlier    i dont care about disk space on an unassigned drive i moving it to the array..



so seems i going in circles lol  i still learning..  ad  i wish there was a video on  caching i understand part of it.. and ill get it  its just going to take me a  bit repitition  once its in my head ill understand it...  


so bear with me..   maybe it was easier to break down each problem in a seperate heading..  then i could understand better and not write these novels..


i did sign up for the discord chat.. just gotta figure that one oue too 


always learning 🙂

and i appreciate all the you guys giving..  one of these times it will click in my head and i wont sound stupid or going around in circles  like a chickens head cut off 


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