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I built a new system around a Supermicro M12SWA-TF motherboard and threadripper pro CPU. It's been running headless for a week now with video and keyboard on the BMC controller to access IPMI and unraid's boot screen. I just  installed an RTX 3060 PCIe video card and am trying to get the system working with it.


The UEFI bios is set to send VGA to the PCIe video card. The system and unraid work with the video card: during boot, diagnostics come to the monitor connected to the 3060 and the login prompt displays. When I choose to boot unraid in GUI mode, however, after the boot diagnostics display,  when I'd otherwise expect the login prompt, the screen clears and displays a cursor at the top left corner of the monitor, as if unraid's GUI can't talk the the 3060. If this is a driver issue, how would I resolve it? I'm not familiar with how video drivers are installed from the shell on a headless linux setup, and if they're available through apt-get or similar, how would I make this persist the flash without having to reinstall on every boot?


Second, assume this gets resolved, and also assume I get the video passthru to a windows VM working. I've already installed a windows VM and can access it from the VNC viewer in a browser or through RDP when the system is headless (without a gui boot). How would I set things up so unraid would start the VM such that it displays directly to the monitor via the 3060? In other words, without any user interaction, this machine should appear to boot into windows on the attached display.



- Eric

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