Chia farming, plotting; array and unassigned devices


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Gonna be exploring Chia farming, of which I believe interested unraid-dabbling folks are extremely primed to be exploring!   Several thoughts: 1) Storage (Farm) Locations: Should the Ch

Thu 07/15/2021 23:01:59.29    -Total Balance: 4.0 avo (4000000000000 slice)    -Total Balance: 2500.0 cgn (2500000000000000 mio)    -Total Balance: 2.000001600351 xch (2000001600351 mojo)    -

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5 minutes ago, sota said:

I could have been one of those basement dwelling multi-PB people. :D

I grew up though.


lol, I never had the money or honestly the need for that much space.


I am sitting around ~100TB of used space right now and it is growing but it would take me a LONG time to reach 1PB. Not really sure what people are storing to use that much space to be honest.


At the current rate I am only gaining maybe ~10tb/year.

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trying to figure out:

1) what's the minimum I need to run, of each coin (node? farmer+wallet?)

2) how to script it to start automatically if needed.

3) will it use less memory overall to do so, and will it be a significant impact.


one of the difficulties, is any %coin% start <cmd> you run, is bound under the PS or CMD window you kicked it off from. so if you kill that window, it kills those functions. need to figure out how to:

a) not have it do that

b) prevent me from accidentally killing the PS/CMD window.

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I figured out how to launch the GUI's for each program awhile back when setting up the GPU mining.


start "" "Full path to program here"

The blank double quotes are the key to getting it to work.


The issue here is that the blockchains sit at the select key screen without user interaction. I am not sure if they start mining without clicking the key.


I know linux has a way or running programs in the background so they are not connected to the terminal window. I assume windows has that as well if you want to run the CLI versions of the blockchains.


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well as I suspected i can do it.  'start farmer' kicks off farmer, wallet, full_node, harvester, and daemon.

it binds EVERYTHING under that command prompt though.

memory is lower: 9GB vs 11GB for 11 coins running.


now to decide if that's worth it.

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think I've decided for now... no.

having the GUIs running makes it easy to see if things are working right.

I can script starting the GUIs, as well as the 2 timelords, easily enough, and that works.

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just solved my memory problem.

4x 8GB DDR3 PC3-12800E chips, $84.50 shipped.

that'll mean when done each machine has 3x8 1x4 chips in it.  close enough to max.

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Sad that you can't run Reg ECC memory. I picked up a few sets of 128gb for $80 each. Course my farmer is in the same boat, has to run normal unregistered dimms. Luckily it came with 32gb.


It generally sits around 20gb used.

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1 minute ago, TexasUnraid said:

So starting the GUI's without clicking on the key works?


Yea. GUI startup does everything, except sync the specific wallet, I think. I might test that at some point.

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ok, cool. Then I guess I will create a script to stagger the startup of the blockchains. I just had to reboot the server after changing the cord it is plugged into and it has been pegged at 100% for 2 hours so far.

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Just now, sota said:

I'd like to figure out a way to monitor/mine/farm all the logs for all the forks, to see their activity in one place.



Ditto. It would be amazing if it could be dockertized like the machinaris docker. It already supports chia and flax. If the rest could be added it would be the one stop shop.

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23 minutes ago, sota said:

also to not be a dumb ass like some people in the news, I just printed out all my keys and am sticking the paperwork in the safe. :D


lol, wise idea.


Although something tells me you won't be looking through a dump for 180,000,000 worth of bitcoin with these keys.

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Sat 07/24/2021 20:04:35.38
   -Total Balance: 4000.0 cgn (4000000000000000 mio)
   -Total Balance: 2.000001600351 xch (2000001600351 mojo)
   -Total Balance: 18.0 xfx (18000000000000 mojo)
   -Total Balance: 48.0 xfl (48000000000000 mojo)
   -Total Balance: 46.0 xgj (46000000000000 moji)
   -Total Balance: 64.0 hdd (64000000000000 mojo)
   -Total Balance: 66.0 xka (66000000000000 mojo)
   -Total Balance: 54.0 xse (54000000000000 mojo)
   -Total Balance: 68.0 spare (68000000000000 graviton)
   -Total Balance: 48.0 xtx (48000000000000 mojo)

Sat 07/24/2021 20:05:15.62
   -Total Balance: 12.0 apple (12000000000000 mojo)
   -Total Balance: 44.0 avo (44000000000000 slice)
   -Total Balance: 470002.0 xcd (470002000000000 mojo)
   -Total Balance: 48.0 xdg (48000000000000 mojo)
   -Total Balance: 96.0 xeq (96000000000000 mojo)
   -Total Balance: 2200.0 gdog (2200000000000000 dog)
   -Total Balance: 24.0 xmx (24000000000000 mojo)
   -Total Balance: 134.0 xsc (134000000000000 octet)
   -Total Balance: 24.001 tsit (24001000000000 mojo)
   -Total Balance: 74.0 wheat (74000000000000 mojo)


So wanting several f these to go to $1/sh!tcoin. :D


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lol, I have been having real issues getting them all to run nicely with eachother. Keep getting crashed blockchains and some won't sync at all.


Restarted it 3x today trying to get everything to play nice, I think I have 15 or 16 running now.

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No idea, everything crashed again last night, I think that some of the blockchains are conflicting and causing issues.


Going to just start the ones that used to be stable this time around and see how that goes.

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This is a perfect case for dockers, I wish each blockchain had it's own docker.


This way if one crashed it would only kill that one and I would know which one it was that started the chain of events. Also you can map different ports to the program to address conflicts easily.


Restarted it a few times today as it keeps crashing.


I am now back to "basics" with just 5 running, these all ran fine together before so should do ok now. Will slowly add one a day or so and see how it goes if this works.

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