Chia farming, plotting; array and unassigned devices


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I think it's getting there.


I'd suggested the following...




we'll see how interested he is in doing it.  problem will be the statistics will require a 3D table to be effective (coin * entry * values.  27 * 8640 * 4... if i'm right).

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12 minutes ago, sota said:

how are you starting your forks?


command line?

if the latter, how are you solving the problem of, any started fork process will be under the cmd process, and if you kill CMD, you kill everything?



I have tried it both ways. Doing GUI at the moment due to troubleshooting.


For the script I use the line I posted earlier in a startup script I have running to start the GPU mining anyways.


start "" "path to program"


The double quotes before the path is the part that makes it work. The script runs and opens the GUI's and closes when it is done automatically.

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6 minutes ago, TexasUnraid said:

Odd, all of the forks I am trying to start are yellow?


A lot of can not connect errors. Is there a firewall setting I need to change? It is just the stock windows firewall.

are the forks in question started?

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Just now, TexasUnraid said:


Do I have to start them manually? Your earlier post made it sound like this program would handle starting them and might have better luck?

right-click on each one that's not running, and select start.

it doesn't start them automatically, although we were working on that a bit.

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Just now, sota said:

right-click on each one that's not running, and select start.

it doesn't start them automatically, although we were working on that a bit.


Yeah, I tried that, that got them to turn yellow but the logs show a lot of can not connect errors even on the ones that work when started normally.

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Ok. while I think that forkfarmer thing is really cool, I'm going to now recommend holding off using it for a bit.

It's got an issue where if you have enough forks running and it viewing them it'll crush the CPU every 60 seconds.

writer is working on the problem.

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don't ask how, but i'm farming all 27 on a single machine right now, and it's not overloaded, and it's winning on various forks.


Had to move FARM2 to FARM1 for a bit, as I have repair work to do on the former, and it'll be down for a couple hours at least.

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I redid a lot of my drive setup and think I figured out what is causing some of them to crash.


I am also mining on an old Vega 56 on this system and somehow it seems to cause the Chia blockchains to crash. No idea how or why. I was updating the blockchains and they all kept running for a full day without an issue but as soon as I started the GPU mining they started to crash within hours.


Leaves me in a pickle. I don't think that chia is worth the ~250w it takes to mine it alone so not sure if I should just disable chia mining, only mine the blockchains that don't crash or split it up into 2 separate machines.

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