Setting up an 8TB Array Drive at 4TB?

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Latest version of UnRAID, 4Tb Parity drive, 4Tb, 3Tb and 2TB array drives.  No room for more drives and running out of space.


I'm limited to 3 x 4TB Array by the size of Parity and replacing a 2Tb and a 3Tb drive with  2 x 4TB drives is an expensive way to get an extra 3TB.


So long-term I need to replace Parity with an 8TB drive to allow for a 3 x 8TB Array.  I can't afford to replace Parity and an Array drive now, so wondered if the best option was to swap the 2TB drive for an 8TB drive, but run it at 4TB, then later do the 3TB drive the same, then replace Parity and gain an extra 8TB.


Would that work?  


Would it be as simple as Formatting at 4TB then when replacing Parity I just remove each of the 8TB array drives, reformat to 8TB and rebuild the array, before doing the other?

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A much simpler way to go would be to first upgrade the parity to 8TB and as long as that completes without error use the old 4TB parity to replace the 2TB drive giving you 2TB more data space  immediately available.   You are then positioned to swap out any other data drive for 8TB drives in the future.

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It could be a temp solution to set host protected area (HPA) on a new 8TB data disk be a 4TB disk, then replace 2TB disk to expand the array 2TB storage.

Later, if you buy another 8TB disk, then rebuild the parity, then remove the data disk HPA and re-build it to fully use 8TB size.


But you need fully understand the operation first.

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Yeah, I think replacing Parity now is going to be the best option given it'll give me 2Tb straight away, though now I'm wondering if I should find the extra for a 10TB Parity as that'll let me go to 30TB, which should last me a long long time.

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