Non Stop Disk Failures 5 in one month.

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Hi All


Wondering if anyone can help me. Im starting to pull my hair out. 

I Am getting non stop disk failures, about every week for the past 5 weeks i have had a disk fail and unraid just says "no such device"  

I have 2 Parity disks and just sent off yesterday to Western Digital my 4th failure and this morning i just had a 5th failure. Im struggling to believe it now and thinking maybe its some other hardware? But once i do the rebuild everything seems fine for a week then another drive drops. 

This is the first time i have had 2 in the system fail at the same time I am waiting on a replacement from the first from Western Digital but now in a bit of a Panic that i dont have any parity (of course super sensitive Data is stored elsewhere. 

Wondering if anyone has seen this before or can check my Report to see if anything obvious. If i try run any report on the disk it just says "no such device. 

Thanks in Advance.

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Just now, Vr2Io said:

If disk were die hard not recognize anymore then Power supply would be the cause.

Hmmm Interesting I will go check the thing is 4 Drives share 1 extension so unless its the Plug it does not make sense in my head. But it would be an actual connector connecting to the drive on that extension. I will go swap the power cables about and see if it comes back to life. 

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OK so i have changed it over to another plug on that extension and its now showing a smart report, But Unraid is saying contents are emulated still. However it seems that the drive is OK from what i can tell. How do i get unraid to try and use it again? 

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Record down all disk order in its slot ( also its filesystem type, i.e. XFS, BTRFS etc ) , then


- stop array

- at "tools" page, "new config" with tick "Preserve current assignments:"

- In "main page", double check all disks was correct assign in parity and data slot, then start array with ** parity is valid **


** Don't format any disk, if any disk unmountable **


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Legend thank you i have done this, However now one of my Parity drive's has just "failed" thats on another extention to the last one. Im thinking im just going to order an entire new PSU and cable set. clearly there is an issue, smart report on Parity 1 is "no such device" yet that was absolutely fine prior to doing what i just done. This is really frustrating. 

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9 hours ago, Randall8686 said:

 Im thinking im just going to order an entire new PSU and cable set. clearly there is an issue

Just in case...

I don't know if you're familiar with a hot mess  that the power supply marketplace has become...

There's a lot of overpriced PSU junk out there, deceptively marketed even by some well-known brands, and outright garbage made by the unknown ones.

Choose wisely (through research).

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