First Unraid build - 2 parallel systems for FEM Simulations

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Hi all,

I want to build my first unraid system. From my current build I want to salvage the Ryzen 9 3900x and the GTX 1060.

From my work I was gifted two 10TB SAS drives, so I will need a controller card for those.

I will also use the 1TB SSD and 10TB SATA drive that I still have from another build.


So the components are:

  • 1x Ryzen 9 3900x
  • 1x GTX 1060
  • 2x 10TB SAS
  • 1x 10TB SATA
  • 1x 1TB SSD


I dont actually want any sort of raid setup or anything like that, since the important data is backed up to the cloud.

My usage will be:
Plex server running in the background
2 windows systems running in parallel, both with gpu passthrough and both headless (I will never use the PC directly, both systems will be accessed via Parsec)

If at all possible I would like to have the option to choose wether I use both gpus on one system, or passthrough one gpu to each system.

The windows systems will be used for casual gaming and CPU AND GPU intensive Finite Element Simulations.


Im not too fimilliar with PC builds in generell and I have a limited understanding of counting PCIe Lanes. I have never built an unraid system before.

What gpu and SAS HBA would you recommend? What mainboard would you then recommend that can handle the 3 cards?

Im very happy to hear your thoughts

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