New Disk Identifiers - Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout

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I had some data disks (4 of them) connected via USB, and just shucked them and attached them directly to my RAID Controller.


All of the disks, show up and in Unassigned Devices all still have data on etc, but when adding them back to the array (as they now have different identifiers), they show as "Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout".


Is there anyway to correct the partitions, without having to format the drives and shuffle all the data around between the drives?


I dont have diagnostics right now, but will post them as soon as I can.



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5 hours ago, JorgeB said:

The easiest solution is to rebuild them one by one so the partition can be correctly recreated:


If it's really a RAID controller you should avoid that, or may need to repeat the same if you change controllers again in the future.


Thanks, thats a shame, as they are quite large disks (3x 14TB & 1x 8TB) so its probably going to take quite a while to rebuild each of them individually. But will give it a go, Thanks. - I was kind of hoping there was an easy way to get unRAID to mount them (as part of the array) and continue from there (even if it meant rebuilding parity), since all of the data is there and its accessible.


Errr, thats probably me just not using the right terminology, I have an LSI Card flashed to IT mode and using a couple of spare slots on that (was using it for over a year prior to this as well, without any issue). Sorry for the confusion.

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