Anyone using Threadripper as a daily driver?

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I'm thinking of getting a Threadripper for Virtualization (Windows VMs). Does anyone has some experience and can compare with Intel? Right now I'm using some Intel HEDT which I oc by 30~40% (allcore!) and that setup performance very well - but the amount of cores is quite low for what I need I also do use nested virtualization (not sure it matters).

Soooo... should I give AMD a shot or just keep adding more Intels?

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I'm not on threadripper but my daily driver is an unraid server with a 5950x 64GB Ram and a Rtx3090. I spend most of my time in an Arch linux vm. That vm has 2 usb controllers and a sata controller passed through to it as well as the gpu.

I also have a windows 10 vm with the same gpu and USB passed through but 2 nvme drives instead of the sata controller. (So I only use 1 vm at a time, spaceinvader script to switch)

My motherboard is Msi meg x570 unify and I think the iommu groupings are excellent. It has taken me much time and effort, lots of tinkering to get everything working the way I want. I play most games on high to ultra settings at 144fps, I don't play anything really new or demanding.

If I were to have a complaint it's msfs 2020. In a populated area my fps dips down to 20. I'm pretty sure this is an issue with running in a virtual machine because on my old bare metal Intel 8700k I got 35fps+ in the same areas.
All in all I am pretty happy with my setup, but it has been frustrating off and on getting everything to function the way I want.

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