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Owning an Unraid server gives you peace of mind and reduces your dependence on The Cloud.

Join Unraid CSO, Jon Panozzo, as he shares how to get the most out of owning your own server, discusses relevant news and topics with members of the Unraid community, and shows you how owning your own server has benefits that extend far beyond keeping your data safe.



For the first episode of the Uncast, host @jonp covers the top 3 reasons you should own your own server. Personal data responsibility, reducing cloud dependence and discovering what's possible with modern hardware all lead to getting a box that you own and control to house all of your most important data.

We hope you follow/subscribe to stay tuned on new episodes of the Uncast from your favorite podcast app! 



We'd also love to hear your feedback on the episode here and also vote/comment here on future content you'd be interested in!

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11 minutes ago, Seven7527 said:

Just would like to be able to listen on Downcast or anything but Spotify 


It will be available on Apple/Overcast soon. Currently available on Spotify/Stitcher/Amazon. 

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Posted (edited)

Look forward to listening! Just FYI your link for Overcast is dead. I was able to add by pasting the rss link into Overcast but you don't show up in their search either. 

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On 5/30/2021 at 10:58 AM, Ustrombase said:

I am unable to see the show on Apple podcasts. Even if I search for it it doesn’t show up.

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Same for me, even using the direct link on the subscribe page doesn't work 

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