Upgraded cache drive & it fills up right away

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I posted a few days ago about all my shares disappearing. This had happened because my 120GB SSD cache drive had filled up and when I changed my share settings to no longer use the cache samba was unable to restart. Rebooting the server fixed this.


I did however notice that after the reboot, my cache drive was at 100% capacity. I needed to upgrade it anyway so I bought a 480GB SSD which I installed this morning. I booted the server, formatted the new SSD drive and set it up as a cache. I started up the array and immediately I could see that data was being written to it. I thought not much of it and left it be.


I've taken another look and my new 480GB cache SSD is at 100% capacity and has been for a while. It looks like the mover is still running but I have no idea what it's doing.


I really don't understand what's going on. Why would unraid be filling up my SSD? Looking at the contents, it looks like it's a copy of some stuff from one of my shares.


I've attached my diagnostics in case anyone can spot anything.




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You have 2cshares (S….e and H….e) set to Use Cache=Prefer.    This means you want the contents moved to the cache.   I suspect you really want the Use Cache=yes setting to get the contents moved from cache to array.

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Do your self a favor and click on the Use cache pool (for new files/directories): on each share which should bring a help drop down or use the ? at the top right for a little explanation for future reference.  I totally agree with JorgeB and itimpi you probably have your settings set to prefer which is doing exactly what your describing. 

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Got it, thanks!


I've updated both shares so it's now on the "Yes" setting.
I've given it a good 20 minutes, the mover is apparently running yet my cache is still at 100% usage.

Do I need to manually resolve this or will the cache drive empty itself? The files that exist on the cache now, are they copies or are they the only version of those files?


What do I need to do to get this sorted?

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Mover SHOULD now be moving files for those shares to the array.    Did you also check that the cache drive has its Minimum Free Space setting set (a value of twice the size of your largest file is recommended).  This makes sure UnRaid will not try and put new files on the cache once the Free Space falls below this value.  

You could turn on mover logging to see if it is actually doing anything.

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After leaving this for a couple of days and checking today, it looks like the mover has done its job and the cache is now just about empty.


Thanks for the help everyone!

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