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Can someone give me some insight on if I need to order new drives or how I can run some test to determine if I do.


1) About two weeks ago one of my drives went offline. After removing it and putting it back in the array the drive reappeared. I was able to rebuild and everything was fine for 338 hours then the same thing happened. I can't be 100 certain it is the same drive -- it is from the same cage so I believe it is.

2) This time I can not rebuild. I tried to and I got a message about a drive had read errors.

3) SMART short self-test is no errors -- Extended self-test is running now. When this happened two weeks ago there were no errors. I do have a row highlighted UDMA CRC error count is at 121 -- Multi zone error rate has a raw value of 3.

4) A few months back the cache drive also went offline much like this data disk. I unplugged it then plugged it back in and it went back to working like normal.

Normally I would assume the data drive just needs replacing -- it is 4 years and 5 months old but that there was a previous identical issue with the cache drive that was not the HD I'm concerned something else is failing. How would I determine if it is the drives or something else?


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I've been looking at your post for over an hour. Drives do fail.


My best advise is to buy whatever you need to backup what you have. Once you have a "copy" of everything, you'll be very comfortable to make all your (new) drives do what you want them to do.






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1 hour ago, JorgeB said:

If you want some informed advice next time post the diagnostics after a drive fails.

What I was looking for was what diagnostic to look at or post.  My understanding is that there isn't a master diagnostic and through search I even got the impression that some diagnostics have to be posted before reboot so would be of no value now that I have rebooted many times and remove and added disks.

I've just ordered two new data drives and will have them in a couple of days but I would still be interested in understanding how to diagnose an issue like this -- what do I look at/post specifically and is there anything I need to know about stuff I need to not do (like rebooting) or do (like turning on some kind of extra error logging) to create reports that are useful to pinpoint the problem.


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3 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Tools -> Diagnostics

Thank You. So it does look like there is a master diagnostics after all.

Looking at this superficially I see a few errors that should probably be fixed that are not related to this problem but I don't know what I would look at to determine if the drives are failing or if the controller is the issue



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