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Thank you in advance, I’m fairly new to this community but been following unRAID since LTT used it in several builds. I’m a university student that got funding for a Remote Desktop project from the university and having trouble determining hardware I should use. I never used unRAID before but I have a lot of experience with building PC and the current PC hardware market. I was just wondering what challenges I face trying to build a PC and run 2 VM from 1 CPU. The goal of the system is to have 2 users simultaneously run applications like AutoCAD, solidworks, photoshops, etc through a remote connection.


My proposed and approved specs are 

Ryzen 9 5900x

2x RTX 2070

32gb 3200Mhz RAM

1TB SSD storage for each VM

1000W PSU


Read somewhere on another forum that unRAID needed some sort of graphics whether it is dedicated or integrated but ryzen doesn’t have any integrated so would it be better if I ran intel? Does anyone have experience with running remote VMs and could provide an opinion. 

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