Can't split pcie usb card to its own IOMMU group

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Hi everyone, 


I am trying to pass through a PCIe USB card to my VM, and I am following Spaceinvader One's guide, which is super helpful. The problem now is I can't split the PCIe USB card to its own IOMMU group, and checkbox in front of it is gray out so I can't bind vfio at boot.


What I have tried so far:
+ In the VM setting, I tried all three PCIe ACS override modes (downstream, multi-function, both), and none of the modes will split my PCIe USB card to its own IOMMU group.
+ I try all different available PCIe slot on my motherboard, all the same thing.
+ The card itself is good. If I plug a mouse receiver/USB disk into my PCIe card, the unraid will pick up correctly. 


Here is some screenshot:




Here is my diagnostics:


Here card link from amazon (in review someone has successfully made it card within unraid):


The video tutorial I am following:


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Sometimes it's impossible to have things in separate iommu groups, this depends on the motherboard/cpu.

If you can't get the card to be in its iommu group even with the acs override I would suggest to try to change the pci slot and try again with acs.


Nevermind...I just read that you tried all the slots :(

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