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So I have been looking at enabling IPV6 for my network. My main concern is that you don't get the natural isolation we currently get with NAT and if my unraid is prepared for it. I have tried searching for tips/suggestions but no success, is there a particular set of steps to ensure that my unraid is secured against intrusion? (ie can someone access my gui/dockers remotely? do I need to disable telnet or change unraid password, etc).

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11 hours ago, Necrotic said:

So I have been looking at enabling IPV6 for my network


Why?... I'll say again, why?... I want to learn. Why go to ipv6? What is the benefit? What are the drawbacks?


I'm sure I'm stupid, but the only benefit I've seen of ipv6 is more addresses (more obfuscation?).


Again... I'm sure I'm stupid.





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This is what I have found, I guess the only relevant ones would be the improved routing and reduced overhead cost but I am unsure how that will translate into real life:


Mostly I am trying to prepare for the future, eventually I may have to enable this stuff and I want to better understand what I need to do now to prepare for then.

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....there is no NAT "protection" but your Router still should provide a suitable and working Firewall for ipv6 and hence protecting your unRaid host as well.


Edit: here is an example for RouterOS by Mikrotik (RouterOS is Linux based, so for a Linux savyy person, this might ring a bell):

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