How to use "make" in Unraid 6??? ***Solved***

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I have been fiddling with this for long enough and wanted to reach out and see if someone could offer some guidance:

My setup:

Dell R710 server with Unraid latest;

Usual assortment of dockers; Nextcloud, Sonarr, Radarr .....

48 Gb memory and 12 cores/24 threads


Runs well and haven't had a major problems - except those of my own making 😁....


I use a reverse proxy using a service called "NO-IP" to handle the redirections. And when my ISP graciously changes my IP - all my proxies don't work.


I want to install their Linux Dynamic Update Client (DUC) on the server to periodically check that the IP address hasn't changed (my dumb ISP just can't seem to keep my ip static .....🤬


Here is the link for install instructions but they are not helpful.


I follow the instructions and get the client downloaded and thats fine.


This is the list of install steps:

1. cd /usr/local/src/


3. tar xf noip-duc-linux.tar.gz

4. cd noip-2.1.9-1/

5. make install


The stumbling block is #5 "MAKE INSTALL". I go to the CLI in Unraid and issue: sudo make install

And this is the response: 

sudo make install
sudo: make: command not found


I thought I had installed GCC (I am assuming that is what it is looking for, thru Nerd Tools, various gcc dockers .....)


Nothing seems to work. 


Is there something I'm not seeing or doing? 


If anyone has some experience with this or similiar could you provide a direction to head in to make this thing work?


Thanks in advance .... very appreciated.


I will post this with "NO-IP" support as well.





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