Parity check auto start after server reboot

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I recently upgraded to 6.9.2 from 6.8.x. At the same time I went through the process of encrypting all my data drives. I have run a recent parity check and know it is valid. But now whenever I reboot my server it is autostarting a parity check. I type in my passphrase and go to click start, but the only option is to start with a parity check. I have been canceling them at this point, but I am wondering if this is expected behavior? Is this because unraid started with the drives unmounted? Is there any way around this, or do I have to keep canceling the parity check after each reboot?

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You get an automatic parity check if the array was not stopped cleanly during the reboot process.


there have been reports that UnRaid 6.9.2 is not always correctly honouring the timeouts for stopping VMs and Docker containers,   You might want to try manually stopping the array to see how long it takes.   You can then go to the settings for Docker and VMs to check the timeouts are long enough.   Even if they are try making a trivial change and re-applying them as this seems to help with UnRaid honouring them.

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I was having the same issue with my new server running 6.9.2. I changed the Docker container timeout from 10 seconds to 20 seconds (left the disk settings shutdown at 90 seconds and VM at 60 seconds), and that seems to have fixed the problem. The first time this happened I let the parity check run to completion (7 hours on my array) and it found zero errors. So it seems to be an annoyance at this point more than anything dangerous to the array data.

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